Ways In Which You can Improve Your Batting Skills in Cricket

Cricket is a fascinating and fun game. It’s especially good for maintaining one’s fitness. If you know how to play the game well, then the fun is even doubled. One of the hardest yet important aspects of playing cricket is batting. From someone watching the game, batting looks pretty easy. However, it becomes a real test once you’re put on the field to play. When it comes to perfecting your batting skills, even professional players will tell you a lot of practice is the key. But here are some other tips that can assist in improving your skills.

Emphasize on improving your weak points.

If you want to be efficient in batting, find out what are your strengths and weaknesses where batting is concerned. While focusing on your weak points try as much as possible to turn them into your strong points. Work on achieving goals that seem hard to face. In the long haul, it will be better to have minimal weak points than a few strong ones.

Try to play using a variety of strokes and shots

Predictability is a bad trait to have particularly when gaming is concerned. Therefore, avoid sticking to a particular shot. When it comes to cricket, always remember that different balls need to be angled differently. While it is good to practice and master a shot, avoid making the same response on every ball.

Have faith in yourself

Confidence is what sets great players apart from others. It is vital that you believe in your batting skills. In order for you to have faith in your skills, you need to be passionate about the game. Yet again, practice comes into play. In order for you to be confident you need to know your game. Motivate yourself when playing and congratulate yourself even if the match didn’t go as you planned.

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