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This site is dedicated to the sport of cricket. Our aim is to keep you entertained 24/7, and up-to-speed with the world of cricket by sharing latest news, live scores and cricket match reviews. We also have a timeline for previous wins, games, national teams, scores and much more. This way, we’ll try and give you an overview of the history of cricket and how the game has managed to evolve through time.

Our website was designed by leading web developers of the industry to provide our users with information about the real picture of cricket in the country. We provide up to date information pertaining to any new development in the pitch, matches, fixtures as well as leagues. Our website is user-friendly to both players and also fans of the game as it provides an easy to navigate layout. The text is displayed in different colors to ensure an easy reading. Information retrieval is equally comfortable and quick. Our users are guaranteed one-click access to information, and we don’t use pop up adverts, like other similar websites.

We feature useful information about the game of cricket. Our blogs not only talk about new stories about the big leagues, but also offers upcoming or interested players an opportunity to learn a thing or two. Therefore, our website is also a platform for learning.

Our roll of honour segment features the players and teams that have won in our league championship from 1920 to date. Our ‘Senior Games Played’ segment shows you how many games individual players have ever played for their teams.

When it comes to cricket news, events, update on fixtures and matches, we are second to none.

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