Tips on How To Repair A Cricket Bat

Cricket is quite an intense popular game played in many countries worldwide. Due to the intense nature of the game, cricket bats can either get cracked or broken during gameplay. While it is possible to repair cricket bat problems such as cracks, others just need replacement. It entirely depends on the extent of the problem. However, ignoring the cracks on your bat will only worsen its usability. It is paramount that you fix your cricket bat as soon as you notice the cracks. Here are a few tips for bat repairing.

Reattaching the handle

There is a high chance that the handle on your cricket bat might get detached from the rest of the body. However, you can easily reattach the handle to the bat using glue. When such an incident happens, use wood glue to cover the handle before reinserting it back into the bat’s body. For the bat to hold firmly, ensure that you clamp or tape it in place. Give it at least 48 hours so that the glue can cure.

Repairing the toe, edge, or face cracks on your cricket bat

Most if not all cracks on cricket bats can be repaired using twine or repair tape and glue. The first step to repairing cracks on a cricket bat is filling them with glue. For this, you can either use super glue or wood glue. Immediately after the repair, remove any excess glue before leaving the bat to dry. The drying process should take about 12 to 24 hours.

Once the bat is dry, use sandpaper to sand the area down and oil the repaired part with Linseed oil. The last step involves binding the area with twine or bat tape. However, for face and edge cracks, use two pieces of wood to cover the bat and clamp it in place as you wait for the glue to dry.

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